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tumblr, anyone?
I'm just a Girl
I signed up for this drug because Melissa was not represented there & I felt she needed to be. So I created http://fuckyeahmelissaetheridge.tumblr.com. Then I got hooked & had to created a personal one: http://andinthatdayherwholelife.tumblr.com. Anyway, if you're on there please feel free to follow me, I usually follow back. :)

Even Ugly Dolls are UHH fans...
Uh Huh Her
Beale reading UHH
Looks like I interrupted Beale’s reading, I just hope his wings were clean…
(I had this crazy idea for a picture today, & it turned out too damn cute not to share!)

"These vagabond shoes are longing to stray right through the very heart of it - New York, New York."
NYC cab
Mom & I decided to take a whirlwind, 48 hour (2/12-13/10) tour of New York City...just for pure fun! I was technically single, so I got to be Carrie Bradshaw for awhile. ;) These streets healed my soul, this will always be my 2nd home...

Here are the amazing scrapbook pages my mom put together for an album she gave me. :) If there are odd blank spots, assume there is a ticket or something there in the real album. There are also all sorts of cool stickers & such in the real one, she does hybrid scrapbooking.

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Whole album
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Argh...please help!
[Alice] Frickin' Frack
I'm trying to upload a .gif icon, & with the new system (where you can edit it before you save it), it's only showing up as a .jpeg & the 1st frame on the graphic. Please help, I really want this icon!

They wrote me a love song...
Uh Huh Her
Lissa & I had the awesome experience of seeing Uh Huh Her (Leisha Hailey & Camila Grey) in concert in Kansas City on April 20th 2011, & we got to chat with them quite a bit after the show. These ladies are the real deal! Musically they are refreshing & powerful, they know how to put on a show! They are unbelievably kind & real with their fans, taking all the time asked to make that connection (that they know is vital to success) on & off the stage. These woman know how to rock a stage, we can't wait to catch them again! Leisha is as amazing a musician as she is an actress, & Cam is magical on stage as well. Their writing is as powerful as their music, these ladies will go far...& I'm so glad I'm an early fan!

These are the best shots I got, let me know if you want to see them all.

Here's an interview with the girls on the night of our show. We were the fans who "drove 4 or 5 hours" yay!

6 awesome videos.

Just & update, & hoping for some graphics help
I'm just a Girl
Just touching base, sorry I don't use this thing enough.

I'm in love with this wallpaper, but really wishing it had a peace sign on it too. Can anyone Photoshop one in there & make it look as real as the Yin Yang? I'm really hoping so...please & thank you! Never mind, check out the one I came up with:
Photobucket It just struck me to use the dots, I love it! *proud beam*

Lissa & I finally moved into our house on Jan. 29th, exactly 9 months to the day that she moved here. Weird hu? Anyway, I have some new pictures up here. We're loving it so very much, & I'll put more recent pictures in that album as we take them. It looks so much cleaner now than in those pics. Chuck & Zuko are doing wonderfully, I love our little family with all that I am. <3

Not a lot else going on. I'm still at Old Nave & loving it, I'm an "expert checkspert" *insert moan at the dorky title here*, which means I'm one of the top employees on the register, at getting people to sign up for ONCs (Old Navy cards), & customer service. I recently won a ONC contest we had, the prize was a $20 Visa gift card. Not to shabby, hu? ;) Our managers are really great about giving employee recognition, & I love that. It really makes me strive to do my best all the time, & give "super hero service, no cape requited!" (I love Gap Inc. burt they seriously have the dorkyist phrases ever, lol.) Some people think it's amusing that I have 2 college degrees & work in retail. I think it's amusing that they are stuck in jobs they hate just to use their degree.

I hope you all are doing well! If you are on Facebook & we're not friends, please send me a request! Just mention you're from LJ. :)

2 randomly awesome things!
Karma leakage
1* We're house owners! This is our first house, a lovely gift from my parents. (It's in the family trust.) It's a flip, built in 1926...1400 square feet, 3 bedroom & 2 bath. One day we'll bring our first baby home here. :) We plan on moving in January, & will take pictures all through our journey.

2* This is probably only meaningful to Melissa Etheridge fans...but one of my pictures is in her 2011 calendar! For the past few years she has been forming her official calendar out of pictures fan club members take (of her) at her shows. This year they received over 400 images (one person can submit up to 10) this time, & only about 50 are being used. I've entered every year this has been going, & I finally was chosen! I'm now a published photographer...& as a huge MLE fan this feels doubly amazing!
Here is my signed copy:

Long time no entry...
[Alice &amp; Shane] Gay Brownies
Here is a catchall of the exciting stuff that has happened in my odd little life lately, heehee. Click on pictures for full size.

*Melissa live: We saw Melissa Etheridge live on 8/3 in Dallas TX. It my 7th show, & Lissa's 9th. Amazing as always, she's on fucking fire this tour! I'll post a link to my review once it's done, until then: The best pictures I've ever taken & 3 videos! I submitted my best 10 to her site to be considered for the official 2011 calendar...wish me luck/send me vibes!

*New hole: We got our right forward helixes pierced for our 6 month anniversary on 8/21. What is up with lesbians getting ink & holes to mark important dates, lol. This is my 6th piercing, & 6 is my lucky number! Anyway, here is mine & I love it:

*Dance party: Lissa, dad & I went to see Blue Man Group last Sunday during their 2010 tour...it was so dynamic & hysterical, plus the music was jaw-dropping! We highly recommend it!

*The ladies: I know I'm not the only Uh Huh Her fan here! I'm looking for a fan community or message board, do you know of any? Their other one got spammed, argh! Also, can anyone point me to some awesome UHH icons?

That's pretty much it I think. We rescued a little kitten from behind Braum's, her name is Zuko (as in Danny from Grease, b/c she's all black) She's so tiny & adorable, I'll get pictures up soon. We think Chuck enjoys having a playmate. I'm loving my job at Old Navy, feel like it's made for me. I think it's freakin' sweet that Lissa gets her own discount card b/c the company recognizes same-sex partners. :) Go Gap Inc! I had a customer admit to me today that she stood in line behind the supermodelquins because she thought they were real people & she wasn't paying attention. I have the best job ever, lmao!

Most awesomely random video ever!
Claddagh ring
7/19/2010...us being, well...us. Yes, we know how adorable we are, it's a burden we must bear...heehee.

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My "Fearless Love" review:
[Melissa] *orgasm*
My very first thought after hearing this album all the way through was: "the beats of Lucky meet the ideas/feelings of The Awakening & Skin." *shrugs* It made sense in my head. I feel like I need more time to get to know it as a whole. I do love it, oh yes...so many concepts & emotions experienced! Just not sure if it's my new favorite or not. I do have to say this is the best I've ever heard her voice, wow!

Fearless Love: This song was my driving anthem through the hardest breakup of my life, & right into the new love I found...which I believe with all my heart is fearless. To say I love this song is a huge understatement, it's the track to a very important chapter of my life. I'll be surprised if I can get through it live without crying.

The Wanting Of You: I sent this song to a friend as a ways to say "please don't become this girl," & I think it really made her think & make some positive decisions. "We deny our own dreams 'cause we think we've been told we should" is ringing so very true with me right now...& I'm doing my very best to do never deny any dream I have.

Company: This song is tragically beautiful to me, it tears me apart. I relate to is as someone in a long-distance relationship, any other way brings me to tears.

Miss California: This song makes me wish I was from CA! The powerful stand in the lyrics mixed with smooth rhythms is the perfect combination! It would be great in my dance, niiice smooth Lindy.

Drag Me Away: This one took me by surprise, a very pleasant one! It reminds me of my attitude after going through some of the personal hell I have experienced, it's just made my will stronger. This is becoming one of Lissa's & my songs...just speaks of the strength of our love. This is a song of spiritual strength, & I can't wait to sing it from the pit!

Indiana: Musically it blows me away...wow. I love the way she chose to tell Tammy's story, so very creative. The 1st verse also reminds me of Lissa's story, & a bit of my own.

Nervous: Holy fucking shit!!! You should see me in my room singing & dancing to this song, it's hysterical! It reminds me of my first experiences with Lissa, rawr! It's just a great dirty, gritty, rock & roll song, I'll be dancing/pogoing my ass off in the pit for sure!

Heaven On Earth: Lissa was the 1st one to tell me to listen to it, that it reminds her of us. And I agree! But it's more than a love song, it reminds me of the town I grew up in & my journey to here. But I can't wait to sing it with my gurl in my arms.

We Are The Ones: My 1st thought was "All We Can Really Do" taken to another level. Also has some "Giant" themes in there...I love the idea! The cultures mixing, getting rid of "us & them." This 1 is a real piece of art to me...

Only Love: So peaceful & beautiful...finally a song I can quote when I'm trying to explain my spiritual beliefs to someone. My soul simply loves this one...

To Be Loved: This breaks my heart, god. I heard what she said about it, & it makes a little more sense...but honestly it just depresses me.

Gently We Row: I still don't "get" this one 100%, I need to absorb it more. I love the melody & soothing idea of it though.

Heart Of A Woman: This is 1 I need to play for mom...what power! I'll come back to it over & over whenever I need a self-esteem boost, or am feeling particularly feminist. I can't want to play this for may daughter(s) someday as well. In a society obsessed with appearances, this song is a refreshing & needed new outlook.

Away: Another heart-breaker, the pleading makes my soul cry for her. In a way it does lay a map for how I want to make sure I handle any altercations Lissa & I do have, I guess...

OK, there is my song by song review for what it's worth. I truly do love this album, & look forward to getting to know it (I have to settle in to an album, odd I know). I do know the majority of the songs make me want to dance, which is new for her music, whoo-hoo! I also can not wait to see her in Dallas in August! The warning on my MySpace & Facebook: "You probably wouldn't want to sit next to me at a Melissa Etheridge concert, I basically lose all inhibitions for the entire show. Oh, & I'm awesomely loud."


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