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A woman's whole life in a single day...

...and in that day her whole life.

Lauren ☮ ßutterflygirl
26 July 1981
Gettin' Lucky: Spiritually unlimited, devoted & happy wife, gold star lesbian, hero & friend, sales associate/expert checkspert for Old Navy (Gap Inc. is 100% LGBT supportive!), house owner, swing & ballroom dancer, peace sign addict, truth & peace seeker, fangirl, dreamer, writer, photographer, activist, environmentalist, college graduate with 2 bachelors degrees (Eng. & Psych.), NYC lover, believer that the world can be better, eternal optimist, passionate soul, & many more things. I always walk in my truth, so feel free to ask me anything. I love the energy of positive people around me, Karma is the most amazing thing...ever. I'm living the life I love, & loving the life I live: being outspoken, outstanding, & outrageous! ♥"Never stop loving...love will save us all from despair."♥ ★"She wanted, passionately and persistently, two things which she believed should subsist together in any well-ordered life: amusement and respectability."★ ∞"If I can be part of the movement that changes the way most people think about gay people, then I'm in it 'til the day I die."∞
truth seeker and eternal optimist

My ♥ for NYC is like no other, it's streets healed my soul.
"These vagabond shoes are are longing to stray,
right through the very heart of it - New York, New York."

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